Treatments For Sinusitis: An Ebook to Fight Sinus Infection and Symptoms

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What comes to mind at the mention of sinusitis? Blocked noses, throbbing headache, utter discomfort in the sinus region? Sinusitis affects the young and old…in fact millions of people across the globe.

Nobody likes having blocked nasal passageways and throbbing pain caused by sinusitis. I am sure most of you out there are in search of a suitable sinus treatment that will help you cure sinus for good and I am going to help you do just that.

How? By introducing you this downloadable ebook – Treatments for Sinusitis. Many readers claim that this book provides a range of drug-free and effective treatments. You do not have to rely solely on nasal sprays and such anymore with this book.

And who knows there could be some cost savings involved because you no longer have to pay for the nasal sprays and oral medicine after applying what you have learnt after some time.

More importantly, your sinus can be cured without the use of drugs and in the shortest time frame possible. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to lead a sinus-free life? This book opens your eyes to a wide range of treatments that are hassle-free and effective.

A Glimpse of What’s Inside The Treatments For Sinusitis Ebook:

It comes in 4 parts.

Ebook Cover

To be specific, Part I of the book details how sinusitis comes about and how it affects the lifestyles of sinus sufferers. It is important to know the root cause of sinusitis in order to tackle it well.

Part II delves deeper into the comparison of sinusitis to the common cold and allergies and a quick diagnosis with the Q&A provided. It helps you understand sinusitis and provide the relevant diagnosis.

Part III consists of 4 chapters and states how you can treat sinus with the right diet and lifestyle. Apart from the recommended type of food and lifestyle, it comprises 23 expert recommendations on how to clear your nasal congestion within 24 hours at home.

If you are more towards aromatherapy treatments and herbal remedies, I assure you that you will find this section particularly useful.

Not forgetting the increasingly popular traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formulations. I, for one prefer TCM formulations for their effectiveness cos’ “as the Chinese saying goes: a bitter pill often works best”. =)

Part IV forms the bulk of the book and consists of 7 chapters. It explains and recommends alternate therapies such as acupuncture and reflexology, which are pretty popular treatments, especially among the Asians.

It also talks about acupressure, an interesting treatment that makes use of applied pressure instead of needles.

Apart from knowing the therapies, this section teaches you to better understand the environment around you and make simple adjustments. There is even a recipe on how to make eucalyptus spray to disinfect your environment.

Are There Bonuses?

When you buy this book, you will get a bonus book (Hand Reflexology) that illustrates a step by step pictorial chart Chinese acupressure massage technique and reflexology massage (hand and foot) with instructions so that readers can do a simple massage at home.

All the massage movement is applied around the face and sinus region. Therefore, knowing where the points are located is a must. So how does a free massage in the comfort of your very own home sound?

And you don’t get just one bonus book, but two more! There is “The Healing Properties of Natural Remedies and Antioxidant Vitamins”, which highlights the various ways of keeping your body healthy by using natural remedies like food, herbs and vitamins.

Another one is “The Secret Powers of Holistic Therapy”. This bonus book provides more than 70 (yes, more than 70) therapeutic solutions to keeping the mind, body and spirit in an excellent state.

That’s not all! You can even relate better by reading the pages on success stories of readers who have benefitted tremendously from this book. There are also conventional treatment methods for those who prefer treating sinus the conventional way.

This book is certainly a must-have with its abundance of information you can refer to any time of the day and you know what, it’s just USD$37/- and comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! So, for that amount of money, this book is definitely worth a read.

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