How to Get Rid of a Sinus Headache Fast

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Nobody likes headaches, let alone sinus headaches. Sinus headaches are brought about by an inflammation in your sinuses.

You may get a feeling of pain and pressure around the face, cheeks and forehead so deep that it leaves you wondering how to get rid of a sinus headache.

Actually, the best way to get rid of a sinus headache is to treat the underlying the sinus inflammation. For those who want to know how to get rid of a sinus headache, do try out the various ways listed here:-

hot-bath1. Humidify the air

This is a good way for those thinking of how to get rid of a sinus headache naturally. You can do so by using a humidifier, or taking a hot bath or shower.

Consider inhaling steam for 10 minutes over a pot of boiling water (off the stove) with a towel draped over your head. Do so four times a day and keep your face at least 18 inches away to avoid getting burnt.

perfume2. Steer clear of irritants

Perfume, cigarette smoke, and certain chemicals irritate the nasal passages and can bring about an inflammation of your sinuses.

water3. Increase your intake of fluids

This is one mechanical way to decrease congestion within the nasal passages. Drinking plenty of water hydrates the body and encourages the sinuses to drain.

Hot (non-caffeinated) tea is especially good as the steam helps to reduce congestion in your sinuses.

tablets4. Use a decongestant

Many over-the-counter and prescription decongestants are available in tablet or nasal spray form. They are often used with antihistamines.

These medicines can help reduce the swelling in your nasal passages and reduce the amount of mucus.

Do not use nasal sprays for more than 3 days in a row as they can become addictive. Do not use them at all if you have emphysema or chronic bronchitis. Do follow your doctor’s instructions.

pillow5. Use extra pillows to elevate your head during sleep

For those who want to know how to get rid of a sinus headache without having to get up for medication, etc, this is a must-try.

By using the pillows to elevate your head, your sinuses can drain better and there won’t be much congestion in the passageways.

6. Antibiotics

This is a more aggressive treatment for treating the underlying sinusitis that has led to a bacterial infection. Be sure to finish the full course as prescribed. The treatment usually lasts between 10-14 days. Treatment for those with chronic sinusitis may take longer.

surgery7. Surgery

You may not like the idea of going under the knife but this treatment sometimes helps if you are having chronic sinusitis and sinus headaches. You may be prone to developing sinusitis due to defects in the nasal passages.

It could also be due to growths like polyps. Hence, surgery can be an effective to rid your nasal passages of such problems.

Sinus headaches can be rather uncomfortable and frustrating. Do not suffer with them unnecessarily.

If home treatments are not working, or if you suspect any symptoms which could lead to a sinus headache, see your doctor right away.  Together, you can come up with the right diagnosis and decide on the right treatment.

Finally, if you are looking in natural sinus headache treatments, you may want to take  a look at the Treatments For Sinusitis guide by Larisa.

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